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How can Friends work for a just and lasting peace? What are Monthly Meetings, Quaker organizations, and individual Friends doing to help? What books, speakers, films, articles and web sites can help us understand the issues more deeply? How may Friends reach out to others to learn and to share?    

Here are some starting points:

Please share  news of Palestine-Israel work, comments, articles & information with us at

We are Friends in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington state who warmly invite your participation.

Quakers are guided by the values, principles and practices of the Religious Society of Friends. As Friends we believe that there is that of God in each person and that each is due respect, dignity, and freedom from violence and oppression. We assert the transforming power of love and nonviolence, having faith that enmity can be transformed and that oppression can give way. Seeking God's guidance, Friends may work toward a just and lasting peace.



image No People Should Be Denied Rights for Generations World Council of Churches Head Speaks Up

image Will UN Action Spur World Criminal Court re: Israel? Amira Hass: Haaretz

image Friends' Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

image Native Peoples Stand with Palestinians

image Bernie Sanders on Israel,Palestine,Middle East Speech for AIPAC and the World

image Don't Shoot the Messenger, Israel! Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General

image Historic Vatican-Palestine Accord

image Talking Points on Current Violence Responses to Media Bias

Quakers & Boycott Workshop FGC Gathering 2015. Materials usable for Meeting workshops and discussion. Historic Boycott Pamphlet 

Israel Investment Plummets Church boycotts are working!

AFSC Investment Guide With "Occupation-free" Mutual Funds!!

Israel Flouts International Law US Should at Last Respond

Anti-Apartheid Ad Campaign Info Shared in US Cities

Israel's Constant Attacks Unreported in U.S. Media

Changing Face of US Judaism Jewish Students Cite Profound Shift

Quakers Ask Their Colleges to Divest
Moral Leaders Should Lead!

The "Jewish Nation" Bill - Israel's Legal Apartheid and Global BDS

The "Economic Occupation" of the West Bank How Israel Controls It

Human Rights Law: Violations by Israel and the Problem of Enforcement Pamphlet for Historians Against War by Alice Lynd with assistance from Staughton Lynd

UK Parliament Votes for Palestine Recognition NY Times Notes Global Shift

Sweden's Recognition of Palestine Statehood may encourage other EU nations to act

Madison Meeting Endorses Economic Activism

With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe New York Times

Israeli War Crimes? Crimes vs.Humanity? With US Aid?

Gaza Under Siege - AFSC

Presbyterians Divest! New York Times

The Palestinians: A kidnapped society Avraham Burg in Haaretz

Can israel Exist as both Jewish and Democratic? Breakthrough public debate

Unique Ethnic Discrimination - Highlighted in Columbia Univ. Israel Debate

Why Israel Fears the Boycott - Omar Barghouti: Breakthrough op ed in The New York Times

Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights - Omar Barghouti: BDS goals, strategies, successes. Video. and Transcript.

Challenges to the Global Struggle - Omar Barghouti: A BDS founder fields key questions at U Mich. Video and Transcript

Understanding the Boycott of Israeli Universities V. Prashad - Washington Post

Gaza Today - Shattered by Siege: Background Info Jan/2014

Wise Men at Bethlehem's Wall (1/page) (or 2/page or 4/page) Excellent Boycott Flyer!

The Basis for Quakers' Endorsement of BDS Background Document from AFSC

Charlottesville joins AFSC's divestment call Seeking more ways to support Palestinian equal rights.

The Two-State Illusion: NY Times Breakthrough Article

Friends launch a national Quaker-PI network: QPIN. You are invited to join it!

Yearly Meeting Supports Boycott, Divestment! Ohio, Michigan, W.Pennsylvania Friends' Minute

EU Toughens Stance on Settlements Agreements Omit Settlements!

Quakers Call for Economic Action to End the Occupation: minutes and statements worldwide

A Volunteer's Adventures in the Holy Land - Introduction to West Bank service. This is an ongoing blog, updated often!

Mass Arrest of Schoolchildren Patterns of Detention and Abuse

Israel's Controversial Golan Oil Search US Oil Firm Faces Boycott Protest

Rabbi Supports Christian Leaders Lauds Protest vs. Israel's Human Rights Abuses

Unconditional US Aid Fuels Israeli Violence Letter to Congress from 15 Faith Leaders

Quakers Divest From Hewlett-packard And Veolia Environment

Friends Fiduciary Divests From Caterpillar! Cite lack of transparency about "weaponizing"

Gaza's Water Undrinkable by 2016 UN's IRIN News Service

BYM: A Renewed I-P Focus Yearlong commitment for study, action

Quaker Barred Entry at Tel Aviv Airport Private Gmail Demanded.

Gunter Grass: "What Must Be Said" With commentary by James Wall

10 Ways to Join AFSC in P-I and Divestment Work

Principles for a Just & Lasting PI Peace AFSC Statement

Earlham Students Urge Divestment Endorse their drive. 2/12

Children Detained in Israeli Prisons Growing Scandal-CMEP, Guardian 1/12

The Media Consensus on Israel is Collapsing Once-taboo criticism is now common. Salon. 12/11

Methodists Divest Churches lead BDS expansion 12/11

Friends Fiduciary Lacks I-P Investment Screen Meetings' funds may support Israel's Occupation!

Quaker Statement re: Palestinian Statehood Bid AFSC, FCNL, QUNO Join. 9/11

Illinois Meetings Support BDS Action Spring 2011 minutes adopted

AFSC Joins JVP Divestment Campaign 6/11 Asks TIAA-CREF to shed complicit firms

Earlham Student/Alumni BDS Campaign Seeking Widespread Support

Canadian Quaker Joins Freedom Flotilla Lyn Adamson Tells Why She's Sailing 6/11

No Disrespect! Response to Obama's 5/20 Speech

Mozart in Gaza Barenboim's Orchestra Breaks Barriers 5/11

Israeli Luminaries Press for Palestinian State Ethan Bronner, NYTimes - 4/11

Congress to host Netanyahu? H.Cooper. NYTimes 4-11

Egypt's Revolution - A Moderate Israeli View G.Baskin: Jerusalem Post 2/11

Palestinians, America and the U.N. Hanan Ashrawi in Global New York Times. 1/11

Prestigious officials ask Obama for UN vote vs. Settlements U.S. should join other nations. 1/11

Seattle Jews Support "War-Crimes" Bus Ads 1/11 Citing Free Speech & Truth

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay Recognize Palestine They say it's a sovereign state. 12/10

Canadian Friend's Book "Refusing to Be Enemies" Nonviolence: Crucial for Palestine-Israel

One Democratic State Movement Launched Dallas Conference 10/10

The Arc: Innovative Palestinian State Design Planners claim a breakthrough concept. 10/10

Palestinians' May Declare Statehood Now! New International Strategy. NY Times. 10/10

Obama & the Global Awakening David Ignatius. 10/10

Can Israel be Jewish & Democratic? Doubts Grow. WRMEA 10/10

Report: Israel Blocks Crucial Economic Growth West Bank & Gaza Stymied. B.Avishai. 9/10

Direct Talks Resume! - Clinton will host.

Something Wonderful Happened --Presbyterian General Assembly Mark Braverman 7/10

Pressures on Negotiations - July 2010 A measured analysis from Churches for M.E.Peace

Lift Gaza Siege! Top Israeli Philosopher's Plea

Petraeus: I-P Conflict Harms U.S. FCNL 3/2010

New Land Swap Options for 2 States. 2/10 Baker Report say US action is essential

54 Members of Congress Ask Obama to End Gaza Siege

Friends offer Gaza Greeting/Notecard

The Plight and Flight of Palestinian Christians 12-09

Obama on Right Track? U.Mich Prof. Juan Cole is Optimistic

Canadian Yearly Meeting Adopts Policy Statement on Israel-Palestine

Judge Goldstone Corrects Congress Resolution Vs. Gaza Report

A Call for an Abrahamic Alliance Rabbi Waskow on J Street's Conference. 10/09

Private Donations Fund 60% of Settlement Growth! Expansion Continues

Cambridge Friends Address Holy Land Conflicts

Gaza: 1.5 Million People Trapped in Despair New Red Cross Report

Pres.Obama's Cairo Speech Transcript 6-4-09

AFSC: New I-P Focus in Northeast Ohio Office: Resources, history, action

Kendal Meeting Calls for US Policy Changes

The 57-State Solution!

Leverage US Military Aid to Halt Settlements - Philadelphia Inquirer Op Ed

AFSC: West Bank Fragmentation on YouTube Share with Congress and friends.

FCNL Reports Peace Progress!

President Obama's Shout Out to the Muslim World - FCNL's Jim Fine

Annapolis Friends Meeting seeks Israeli-Palestinian breakthrough on water rights. AFM is convening 19 negotiators and mediators to finalize an agreement, crucial to peace. Funding aid is invited to help with travel costs. 7/8/08

AFSC board adopts investment guidelines.

QuakerPI features analysis by Jewish- and Palestinian-Americans and by commentators based worldwide.   See Perspectives page.

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